ELCB + MCB Circuit Breakers

It's Your Protecter

High Breaking capacity.(25KA),No nuisance tripping. Maintrenance free dvice, Highly Sansitive, fast acting. Trip free mechenism. Canbe used a main switch. High voltage protection and siran facility available with vairious models and variable sensitivity.


Residential building, Bank, Offices, Hotel, Hospital, Laboratory, Service Stations, Industries.
For Machine Tools:- Crane, Water Cooler, Deep Freazer, A/C, Computer, Motor, Electric Power Supplies, Pump, Etc.

About ELCB Circuits:

CARE ELCB + MCB Combination are primarily interned to give protrection by automatic cut-off the power supply within 30 miliseconds against the risk of dangerous and possible lethal electric shock due to the flow of electric current through the human body to earth, when it comes in indirect or direct contact with electrically live projects like Geyser, Washing machine, Mixer, Computer etc. against high voltage in main power supplies. The Device also provides a high degree voltage in main power supplies. The Device also provides a high degree of protection against earth faults, over load and electrical fires. Don't misguse only MCB cannot trip against earth leakage or electric shock.

ELCB incorporates a zero current transfer sence the sum of all current to be normally zero. During any type of leakage to earth is sensed an unbalance which creates small voltage signal in secondary winding fed to very highly sensitive electronic circuit, where it triggers the mechenism of MCB.

Install ELCB (RCCB) after energy meter and distribution board/main switch for safty in a new or old installation. To ensure correct functioning of the ELCB the netural conductor on the load side must not be connected to the netural wire of another circuit otherwise unwanted nuisance tripping may occur.

After installation and power supply connections, the functioning of CARE has to be checked. Switch on the power supply and press the test button T CARE has to trip immediately i.e dolly to MCB should go to lower "OFF" position.