Q-Vio offers a wide selection of ATM and KIOSK compatible high bright display products for virtually any outdoor or high ambient light application. With touch screen systems becoming the industry standard for essential information tools in a wide array of industries, including retail, hospitality, higher education and healthcare, determining the right solution for your application is critical.

Choosing the right display solution depends on a number of factors –– from the surrounding environment to end-user preferences. Q-Vio's engineers are experts in touch screen and protective shield integration. We can help you assess your outdoor KIOSK needs and select the products and technologies that will deliver the right results. See our complete line of daylight visible displays, each touch integration capable, or contact us now to discuss your touch screen needs.

Kiosk Display Features

  • High Bright - Daylight Visibility
  • Industrial Grade Display
  • Wide Clearing Temperature
  • Full-Range of Sizes Available
  • Available Touchscreen Options
  • Available Q-Niversal LED Driver Options
  • Available Video Controller Solutions